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All Saints Church Hall, Palmerston North

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All Saints Church Hall, Palmerston North


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The wooden church hall was originally built as the All Saints Church in 1881 by Meyrick, Perrin and Oakley and was dedicated by Bishop Hadfield on 16 February 1882. It replaced the first Anglican church, built on the site in 1875, which was incorporated into this building. The church was enlarged in 1891 and in 1901, and the bell tower removed between 1904 and 1910 because the wood was rotten. In 1910 the church was moved back and placed sideways on the section to make room for a new All Saints Church to be built. The old church was then used as a hall and Sunday school until 2007 when it was destroyed by arson. The shingles in this archive were from the roof of this building.

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1981 - 1981

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Electronic copy

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Palmerston North City Library photograph collection

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