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Discussion forums

Anyone with a logon for The Community Archive can participate in discussions.

Signing up for a logon is easy though and can be done in a few minutes from the link on the side of home page.

The forums are a way you can discuss topics of interest to you, whether as a contributor or a researcher.  In this way, the community can help each other with information or debate.  Maybe you have a project you want to do and you would like suggestions on how to go about it, or you may have read an interesting article that you'd like to discuss with others.  Just remember to be polite in your comments and respect the views of others.

The discussions are organised in the following way:


Created by The Community Archive team at Archives New Zealand but anyone can get in touch and suggest a new forum.


Topics within forums allow the discussions to be organised. Anyone with a logon can create a new topic.


Log in to add a comment to a topic.


You can reply to a comment added by someone else (or create a new comment yourself).