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Last updated: 8 October 2009

Drummond, Vance - Newspaper Article

Collection | Ref # 2009/255 | Held by Air Force Museum of New Zealand

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Drummond, Vance - Newspaper Article


The New Zealand Farmers Weekly

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Feature article printed in the New Zealand Farmers Weekly newspaper, 21 April 2008, entitled "Lake gives up link with Kiwi hero". This article relates to the recently rediscovered wreck of the Wirraway trainer ditched by New Zealand pilot Vance Drummond in Lake Corangamite, Victoria, Australia, in 1950.

Drummond served with the Royal New Zealand Air Force during World War 2, and with the New Zealand Army as part of the Commonwealth Occupation Force ("J-Force") after the War. He then enlisted with the Royal Australian Air Force as a pilot, serving in both the Korean War (where he was captured by the North Koreans and held as a prisoner of war), and the Vietnam War. During the latter he was attached to the US Air Force as a Forward Air Controller, flying Cessna "Bird Dog" aircraft. He was awarded the Disinguished Flying Cross (DFC), but did not survive to receive it, as he was killed in an air accident on 17 May 1967.

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2008 - 2008



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Lake Corangamite, Victoria, Australia


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