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Last updated: 4 September 2009

Pink Flat the Door

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Pink Flat the Door


Sarah Gallagher

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3 Clyde Street

Pink Flat the Door was created in 1988 by a group of University of Otago students. It was designed to be a freedom flat inspired by Skinner's philosophy of a free society.

The door design was informed by the album cover of The Wall by Pink Floyd, which was a favourite band of the flat.

β€œIn this flat there'd be one rule: there were none! It was a magpie's nest, a mishmash of free-thinking young people who got together. It wasn't a drinking flat, it was a talking flat. Smoking cigarettes and drinking tea, talking all the way through to 5.00am.” [Wallace Chapman interviewed by Matt Nippert The Listener Nov 18-24, Vol 206 No 3471]

β€œI lived in 'pink door the flat'. Everyone knew where you were flatting by just saying 'the pink door'.” [Paul Harvey - Survey, May 2009]

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1998 - Current



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A short film by Wallace Chapman and Bianca Zander was made about Pink Flat, called "The Freedom Flat". The door is protected in the lease agreement.

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All content is copyright of the creator.

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Pink Flat the Door - 2000 was taken on 35mm film using a Pentax ME Super

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