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Last updated: 3 September 2009

DSIR (Department of Student Inebriation Research)

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DSIR (Department of Student Inebriation Research)


Sarah Gallagher

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114 Union Street

The name plate was made using the head board from a single bed. The flatmates all signed the back. The flatmates had a car with DSIR painted on the side and they all wore white lab coats when drinking. The brown splodge on the image DSIR - 2000 was where the 96ZM sticker was placed. This was required for the flat to be included in the competition.

“Two of the best years of my life were spent in the DSIR (114 Union St). We named it as part of the 96ZM Name Ya Flat competition, which we won our division. Long may the name live on!!!!” [Clay Davies]

“DSIR won the R21 category (made sense before the drinking age was lowered) ;)” [Brad Eales]

“DSIR (Department of Student Inebriation Research). My girlfriends dad worked for the actual DSIR (Dept Scientific and Industrial Research), so a clever play on the well known organisation. Ironically two of us went on to work for IRL (who came out of DSIR) once we graduated!” [Tijs Robinson]

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1999 - Current



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DSIR - 2000 was originally taken with 35mm film using a Pentax ME Super.

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