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Last updated: 2 June 2009

Adams, J. C.

Collection | Ref # Ms 1109 | Held by Auckland Museum Library

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Adams, J. C.


Adams, J. C.

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4 Folders (16 items)

Reference number:

Ms 1109

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Typescript (photocopy)

Folder 1: Six items as follows: 1) Biographical notes
John and Rakapa Edwards. 2) Misc. waiata, correspondence, newspaper
clippings. 3) Letter from Olga to Lionel re Edwards family. 4)
Letter to Helen from David Edwards re. land, Te Taruna Block in Te
Awamutu. 1889. 5) Notes re. Church mission station in Tauranga. 1833-
64. 6) Notes re. Mayor Island.

Folder 2: Six items (7 - 12) as follows: 7) "Some notes
on the history of the ancestors of the Maniapoto Tribe". 8) Notes on
Arawa and Maungatapu. 9) Information re Maori genealogies contained
in book written by T.H. Tarakawa and belonging to Hera Erueti
Teneatu. 1908. 10) Notes on Maori language. 11) Maori songs. 12)
Maori games.

Folder 3: One item (13) as follows: 13) "Some notes on
the history and genealogy of the Edwards family from the grand
ancestors who arrived in the Tainui, Aotea, Takitimu and Kurahaupo
canoes to the present time, compiled from various sources of
information which are acknowledged and recorded in the heading and
margins", by J.C. Adams. 1923. pp 1 - 158 (pp 8,15-16, 23-30, 49-52,
61-75,85-90,127-128, 150 missing.)

Folder 4: Three items (14 - 16) as follows: 14) Whakapapa
book. 15) Notes by J.C. Adams on Helen Edwards, 2 trees at Kawhia and
some headstones. 16) "On Maori proverbs". Extract from a note book of
David Edwards.

John Edwards (1809- ) arrived in NZ c1835-36, and married
Rangi Whakarato. In 1850 he married Rakapa Ngawai, his second wife.
The collection is chiefly concerned with these Maori connections and
contain many whakapapa.

There were 2 collections of papers (Ms727 [74/49], and
Ms1109 [80/42]) which appeared to have arrived in the Library in 2
separate consignments or were photocopied on 2 separate occasions.
The Ms 727 material was catalogued but the later (and larger)
material was accessioned only [80/42] and a Ms number (1109) was
assigned but was never catalogued. This later accession was put aside
until 1993 when Mrs Jenifer Curnow, a Maori language specialist was
contracted to catalogue the Maori language manuscripts. In sorting
through the collection it was found that a large part of Ms 727 was
duplicated in Ms 1109 and rather than to have duplicated materials in
2 separate collections, it was decided to de-accession Ms 727 and
incorporate the material not duplicated into Ms 1109. (E. Sun.



Papers relating to the Edwards

Dates covered:

Unknown - Circa 1969

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