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Grace, Patricia (1937-)

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Grace, Patricia (1937-)


Grace, Patricia (1937-)

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Of Ngati Toa, Ngati Raukawa and Te Ati Awa descent, and affiliated to Ngati Porou by marriage, Patricia Grace was born in Wellington in 1937 and has written short stories, novels, and children's books. Her first book 'Waiariki' (1975) won the PEN/Hubert Church Award for Best First Book of Fiction. In 1985 she held the Victoria University writing fellowship, and in 1988 was awarded the Queen's Service Order. The following year she received an honorary Doctor of Literature degree from Victoria University of Wellington. As well as many other forms of recognition, she has won the New Zealand Book Award for Fiction for 'Potiki' (1986), the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize for Fiction for 'Dogside Story'(2001) and the Deutz Medal for Fiction or Poetry for 'Tu' (2005).

Patricia Grace's papers are part of the Victoria University of Wellington Literary Archive collection. They are currently arranged by accession, as follows:

'Electric City' (stories)
'Potiki' (novel)
'Mutuwhenua' (novel)
'Waiariki' (stories)
'The Sky People' (stories)
'Cousins' (novel)

Maori language readers - draft text and artwork
'The Kuia and the spider/ Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere' (children's book)
'Watercress Tuna/ Te Tuna Watakirihi' (children's book)
'The trolley' [plus Maori version] (children's book)

'Journey' typescript drafts, with annotations, some associated notes of filmscript from story [in 'Dream sleepers']
'He moemoea' typescript draft of filmscript from story 'The dream' [in 'Waiariki']


A1999/07 and A2000/22
'Baby No-eyes' (novel)

'Dogside story' (novel)

'Mata', 'Missy', 'Makareta', 'Cousins', 'Baby No-eyes', notes

'Tu', 'Earth, Sea, Sky'

Literary archives

A2005/39 Two short story notebooks, 2004

1. Folder titled 'Short stories: Small Holes in the Silence. Drafts', annotated typescripts and printed research material, 2006.
2. Annotated typescript titled 'Baby No-eyes' (n.d.)
3. Folder titled 'The Sky People', annotated manuscript and typescript (n.d.)

A2007/62 Two file boxes containing versions of untitled drafts

'Ned and Katina Double Biography', drafts 1,2, and 3. (1 ring binder and 2 spiral-bound notebooks)

Box containing other people's work on Patricia Grace's writing, which they had sent to her. Includes:
1. Write where you live: Overland 165 [? no Grace content spotted when reading through?]
2. WLT World Literature Today, May/June 2009 'A tribute to 20008 Neustadt Laureate Patricia Grace' [Cover photo, photo on p.8; article pp. 27; 'The world where you are: the 2008 Neustadt Lecture', pp. 28-31; 'Headlights: a story by Patricia Grace', pp. 31-34; 'In honor of Patricia Grace' by Joy Harjo, pp.34-36; 'Reading Patricia Grace' by Cristina Thompson, pp. 37-39. (Online through JSTOR).
3.Translating Cultures, edited by Isabel Carrera Suarez, Aurora Garcia Fernandez & M.S. Suarez Lafuente (KRK/Dangaroo Press, 1999)"Re/writing creation and recovering procreation in Patricia Grace's 'Between earth and sky', pp. 211-217, by Luz Mar Gnzalez Arias.
4. Three copies of an offprint article from Culture, 13- 1999 "Patricia Grace: una scittura tra memoria e linguaggio', by Graziella Ebglaro.
5. Two copies of an off-print of article from Cross/Cultures 31, by Antonella Sarti 'Spiritcarvers: Interviews with eighteen writiers from New Zealand', Patricia Grace August 1994, pp. 43-55.
6. Two copies of 'Theory and practice of the short story: Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific', edited by Angelo Righetti (Universia di Verona, 2006) Incl. essay on Patricia Grace in conversation with Lydia Wevers, pp.39-55, and Marta Degani 'The challenge of linguistic-cultural hybridity in Patricia Grace's short stories', pp. 195-214.
7. Australian & New Zealand Studies in Canada, Fall 1991. 'Stories that show them who they are': An interview with Patricia Grace' by Thomas E. Tausky....

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1994 - Unknown

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Partial restriction

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