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Last updated: 2 June 2009

CAMPBELL, Francis Eastwood, 1823-1911

Collection | Ref # K.69.49.1-8 | Held by Southland Museum & Art Gallery Niho o te Taniwha

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CAMPBELL, Francis Eastwood, 1823-1911


CAMPBELL, Francis Eastwood, 1823-1911

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(1) Governor-General's appointment of Francis Eastwood Campbell to be Adjutant in the Auckland Regiment, 26 Apr 1860

(2) Extract from Journals of the House of Representatives expressing the sympathy of the House on the death of Major Campbell, 27 Sep 1911

(3) Queen's promotion of F.E. Campbell to post of Second Lieutenant, 33rd Regiment, 28 Nov 1842

(4) Governor's appointment of F.E. Campbell to be Captain in the Auckland Regiment, 26 Apr 1860

(5) Covering letter and official document appointing Francis Campbell as Clerk of the Parliaments of New Zealand, 23 Dec 1869

(6) Letter from Colonial Secretary's Office acknowledging Campbell's resignation as Clerk of Parliament, 24 Oct 1889

(7) House of Representatives expressing thanks to Major Campbell on his retirement, 26 Jun 1890

(8) Certificate of guard duties dated 20 Apr 1850, Montreal (Capt. Campbell, captain for the day.)


Dates covered:

1842 - 1911

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Not restricted

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