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Last updated: 2 June 2009

Hokitika Borough Council

Collection | Held by Hokitika Museum

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Hokitika Borough Council


Hokitika Borough Council

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Hokitika, on the West Coast of the South Island, was known as the capital of the West Coast goldfields. In 1865 a Town Improvement Committee which was the forerunner of the Municipal Council was formed. The Improvement Committee was supplanted by a new Municipal Corporation which first met at the Gridiron Hotel on 9 October 1866. With so many demands on the council at that time it met almost daily. In 1989 the Hokitika Borough Council amalgamated with the Westland County Council to form the Westland District Council.
This collection contains:

Council Minute books 1866-1989
Public Works Committee minute books 1866-1869,1897-1899
Miscellaneous Committees minute book 1899-1928 (includes Special Town Hall Committee; Special Bylaws Committee; Special Water Supply Committee; Joint Abattoir Committee; Public Works, Water Works and Baths Committee; and Sea Encroachment Committee)
Cemetery Committee minute book 1899 (also includes Daily Diary of Inspector of Nuisances 1914-1915)
Finance Committee minute books 1928-50
Museum Authority minute books 1984-89

Rates Books 1877-1878, 1880-1921, 1923-1932, 1934-1956
Rates Ledger 1907-1924

Letter-books 1868-1878, 1886-1905, 1903-1913

Balance sheets 1904-52
Analysis book 1987-88

Valuation rolls
Valuation Rolls 1887-8, 1896-7, 1901-2, 1904-6, 1908, 1913, 1918, 1925, 1939, 1950
Valuation/section/street numbers register

Departmental records
Meter readings and Diary of Council Inspector (Public Nuisances, Lamplighter, Dog Inspector) 1909
Pound keepers book 1945-1966
Reserves Ledgers 1899-1956
Schedule of Reserves 1902-34 and Rates Ledger 1923-25
Hokitika Cemetery Headstone Transcript and working notes and burial register transcription
Officers reports 1982-89

Press Clippings (incl. Statements of Financial Status) 1880-97 and 1904-54
Scrapbook 1898-1904

By laws of the Borough of Hokitika, no.2 and no 3, 1914 and 1917
Licence for a dam to Hokitika for town water supply
Licence for water Race for Town Water Supply 1907
The Local Government Guide and Ratepayers Manual (includes clippings from the New Zealand Gazette) 1876-1886
Miscellaneous contracts, leases, letters, and tenders
NZ Standard Code of General Bylaws June 1952
Standing Orders for Regulating the Proceedings of the Borough Council of Hokitika


Dates covered:

1866 - 1989

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Not restricted

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