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Last updated: 2 June 2009

Trust Bank Waikato (1987-1996)

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Trust Bank Waikato (1987-1996)


Trust Bank Waikato (1987-1996)

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Total collection is approximately 14 metres. The photographic collection is 1 linear metre.

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The Waikato Savings Bank was established in Hamilton, New Zealand on 29 June 1958 and has been important in New Zealand's banking history. An unpublished draft history by Kai Jenson describes the beginning as:
"The struggle to establish the bank began two years before it opened with local enthusiasm and government caution...No regional savings bank had been set up in this country for over 90 years ."
The Mayor of Hamilton, Rod Braithwaite, played a significant role in establishing the bank by initiating the first public meeting on the subject. He became the first chair of the bank's Board of Trustees.

In 1983 the Associated Trustee Savings Banks amalgamated and the savings banks changed their names to trustee banks. In 1986 the associated trustee banks formed one company; Trust Bank. In 1997 Trust Bank and WestpacTrust merged to form WestpacTrust.

Included in the Waikato collection is approximately one linear metre of photographs covering the bank's establishment, staff, customers, premises and events. The following list is not a complete catalogue of the photographs held. Many of the photographs were taken by Bill Lindberg . He began taking photographs for Waikato Savings Bank in 1959,when the bank had only seven staff. For the next thirty years he photographed the Bank's progress and expansion including building projects of branches and the establishment of the new WSB Bank building in Victoria Street. In addition, he took photographs of the WSB Board and staff groups and individual portraits of various members of management.

J. W. Brown; the first manager. (1959-1964)
First staff group: J. Brown, manager; S McRobie the supervisor; N. Ross, teller; K. Brassell, typist; L. Pearson, teller. (1960)
Bank opening, staff. (1959)
Staff -wearing long hair and beards (1970s).
Farm ownership account and staff (1970s).
Group staff (1960s), (1970s).
Female staff (1965).
Taumaranui staff (1980s).
E.O.S Managers & senior staff (1965).
Executive staff (1965), (1983), (1984), (1989).
Branch managers, various ( 1979), (c1980s), (1983).
Tony De Coek - Manager Te Awamutu (date unknown).
Fred Burns (date unknown).
R. Mcrobie (1960s -1970s), with executive (1983), (pre 1984), at VDU (1983), and the travelling Bank (1978), with cash flow (1983),
20 years service staff commemoration: Coek, Rogers, Farmer, McMechan, Qualtrough (1989).

TBNZ staff new wardrobe. (1988).

Board members:
Sir Leslie Monro (1973).
P. Reid (1959), retirement (1982).
Board of Trustees - Waters, Day, Woolerton, Rodgers, Seabrook, Tompkins, Braithwaite, W. J. Clarke. (1982).
Board group (1984).

First branch opening (customers inside banking chamber) (1959).
First Hamilton premises (1960s).
Bank head office construction (1976).
New premises (1978).
New board room first meeting (1978).
New building construction , proofs (1978).
Dinsdale Branch premises (1967).
Fairfield Branch premises (1967).
Frankton Branch premises (1967).
Hamilton East street scene (1967).
Hillcrest Branch premises (1967).
Hilcrest Branch premises (1983).
Huntly Branch premises (1967).
Ngaruawahia Branch interior (date unknown).
Otorohanga Branch new premises, internal view (1964).
Otorohanga Branch premises (1967).
Paeroa Branch premises (1967).
Putaruru Branch premises (1967).
Taumaranui Branch premises (1967).
Taumaranui premises (1980s).
Te Aroha Branch premises (1967).
Te Awamutu / Fuirehill (1982).
Te Awamutu, proof (1960-1970?).
Te Awamutu Branch construction (1982).
Te Kuiti Branch premises (1967).
Tokoroa Branch premises (1967).
Waihi Branch premises (1967).
New trustee Bank logo sign on HO (1988).

Xmas drinks: Reid, Barrett, Fraser (architect), Rogers (1965).

Huntly Branch. Window display (1960s).
Interior branch premises, location unknow. (1960), proofs only (1978), (1983).

Events and Miscellaneous:
Paeroa local body function (1978).
Canoe - Te Arawai. (First major Maori canoe carved in Rotorua this century - official launch) (1980).

Winter show displays (1964), (1967).
30th birthday (Waikato Trust Bank) (1989).
Associated Trustee Banks committee of general managers (1981).
Seal mascot: $ayva (1960s).
Sports sponsorship (1986).
Cashflow (1983).
Cheque presentations (c1960s), (1967).
Crown Jewels Display (1960s).
Trust Bank Air Ambulance - helicopter (1980s).

Notes on 'Name entries':
Ross McRobie assisted with the establishment of the bank and became a foundation staff member. He became the acting General Manager in 1964 and soon after the General Manager. He remained with the bank until his retirement in 1995.
Trustees 1959-1988 are listed under 'Name entries'. The office of Trustees ceased to exist after 1988 following the formation of Trust Bank Waikato Ltd.

Sponsorship and advertising records : various correspondence.|Meeting records; board minutes, finance committee minutes, superannuation committee minutes, Trust Bank Computer Ltd.|Staff magazines: Waikato Savings Bank News and The Teller. These are in-house magazines showing new and retiring staff and other matters of interest to bank staff.|Marketing pamphlets and posters.|Photographic prints (positive and negatives) and transparencies. These show staff, board members, bank premises and events (see separate reference for photographs).|Publications: Annual reports (1959 - 1996). These provide public information on the bank's business such as profits, community sponsorship, branch openings and other general information.|Oral History: Ross McRobie|Relics. Including money boxes, cuff links, flag, medallions, ties, and other items.|Legal records. Deeds.|Notices and instructions. tellers instruction manuals|Financial records : cheque books, balance books , savings books, mortgages, annual balances.|Correspondence: directors and general manger's correspondence with staff and customers.

Dates covered:

1959 - 1996

Access conditions:

Restricted. Access is at the discretion of the archivist and by appointment only. Access to more recent material may be restricted . Generally, bank records are open for public study at the end of a period of 70 years, many are available after 30 years or less. Often permission is needed from family members for access to deceased customer or staff records. There are no restrictions to annual reports. Photographs are generally unrestricted, unless the items are fragile or there are privacy issues.

Finding aids:

The only public finding aid is the NRAM register. All other finding aids are for only staff use. These are an electronic accession register, electronic history database , paper print outs, digital photographs.

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