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Last updated: 2 June 2009

HOFFMAN, Richard, 1925-

Collection | Ref # Music Library Glass Case 780.943 S36U Music Library Glass Case 780.973 H71U Music Library Music Library | Held by The University of Auckland Library (Special Collections)

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HOFFMAN, Richard, 1925-


HOFFMAN, Richard, 1925-

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5 pages; c70 items

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Music Library Glass Case 780.943 S36U Music Library Glass Case 780.973 H71U Music Library Music Library

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Richard Hoffman was born in Vienna, where he studied with Aurel Nemes (1930-1935) and Georg Tintner (1935). He emigrated to New Zealand in 1935 and eventually studied music at the University of Auckland. Between 1947 and 1951 he studied with Arnold Schoenberg in Los Angeles and at the University of California. He was Schoenberg's secretary 1948-1951, and in 1950 filed Schoenberg's correspondence for the Library of Congress. In 1961 he was appointed co-editor of the Schoenberg collected edition.Since 1954 Hoffman has taught at Oberlin College and also lectured on Schoenberg in Europe, New Zealand and the United States. He has also had several compositions published.

Location Number Music Library Glass Case 780.943 S36U [1 page]
A letter from Richard Hoffman to his parents concerning the death of Arnold Schoenberg.

Music Library Glass Case 780.973 H71U [8 pages], 1949
Letters from Hoffman to Professor Hollinrake concerning music by Hoffman. The letters contain a detailed analysis of two pieces
sent as a gift to Hollinrake.

Location Number Music Library [n.d., 4 pages]
Fragments of an original manuscript of a chamber concerto for violin and string quartet.

Location Number Music Library [n.d., c70 items]
Miscellaneous music compositions, appearing to date from his student days, containing scraps and fragments of sonatas, songs, studies and musical exercises.

Location Number Music Library [2 pages], 1940
Original manuscript of a piano study entitled Studie fur Terzen in der Rechten Hand und Oktaven in der Linken.

Concertos (Violin with string ensemble)--Manuscripts

String-orchestra music--Manuscripts


Schoenberg, Arnold, 1874-1951


Letters, Music

Dates covered:

1940 - 1951

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Not restricted

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