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Last updated: 25 January 2018

Glasson Family Cemetery, Linwood Road, Karaka

Collection | Ref # MNP MS 221 | Held by South Auckland Research Centre

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Glasson Family Cemetery, Linwood Road, Karaka


Lindesay, Dianne

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MNP MS 221


Collection of papers relating to Linwood Cemetery and the Glasson family
Information on the early settler Glasson family cemetery known as Linwood Cemetery, off Linwood Road, Karaka.
This information was gathered in response to concerns over the proposed subdivision of the land in 2016.
(i) Hand drawn plan showing the sites of graves. It was intended that they should all be moved to Mauku at a later date but because permission was not given this could not be done.
*This information was sourced from Eleanor Lindesay (Judy), Karaka, a direct descendant of John Glasson IV and his wife Anne.
(ii) Personal information sheets, John Glasson(s).
(iii) New Zealand Cemetery Database and Map, Karaka (Glasson Family), 12/12/2009
(iv) List of suggestions for text on plaques for John Glasson and other family members.
(v) Three brief histories of the migration of John Glasson IV from Byng , New South Wales, Australia to New Zealand. Establishment of family at Karaka.
(vi) Obituary, New Zealand Methodist, p49-50 (no vol. number or date)
(vii) Printed letters from John Glasson Junior to his Uncle Henry Glasson in New South Wales; fragment of a letter from Richard Glasson at Karaka to his parents, William and Susan Glasson.
(viii) Article, History preserved for future generations, Cythia Daly, 28th October 1997, Franklin County News.
(ix) John Glasson 1803-1890, The Cornish Settlement, John Rule. (n.d.)
(x) Family Links, Ancestors of John Glasson, 1752-1890.
(xi) Letter from Mrs John Glasson to sister-in-law in New South Wales, 26 June 1858.
(xii) Two copies of colour photographs of farmland where the Glasson family cemetery ‘Llinwood Cemetery’ is believed to be.

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1890 - 2016



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Paper based collection

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Restrictions, please contact donor before allowing access. See 'Donations' folder in stack.

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Photocopies of originals, some original material. See donation correspondence for more information

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