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Promoting your community Archive

Archives New Zealand, Wellington · 12 April 2017

The Community Archive web site acts as a ‘Hub’ for promoting and finding community archives across New Zealand.

The site statistics for March indicated 3,781 people used the site with over 12,000 pages being viewed. Nearly 80% of users were from New Zealand, up to 19 people were on the site at any one time, and 17% were returning visitors.

You can use the site to raise the profile of your community Archive and make your collection more findable.

A tip for doing this is to use the ‘Description about organisation and collections held' and ‘Archive type’ fields on your community Archive contributor profile page.

We recommend each community Archive contributor has an assigned person who keeps their profile page up-to-date – and that the contact details and links are reviewed regularly.

If you’re a Contributor and would like assistance with using the Community Archive site more effectively to promote your collection and services – Click on ‘Contact Us’ (top left hand side of the page). You can also look up the Guidelines & Help information.

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