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Last updated: 7 June 2016

Waste Disposal

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Waste Disposal



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Waste Disposal Correspondence, submissions, newspaper clipping
international maritime organization Final Act of the Special meeting of Contracting Parties to Consider and Adapt the 1996 Protocol to the London Convention.
" Best Practice guidelines for Waste reception facilities at Ports, Mannas and boat harbours in Australia and New Zealand"
Australian and New Zealand Environmental and Conservation Council.
" EPA proposes permit renewal for Johnston Atoll Chemical Disposal System"
EPA Fact Sheet
Waste Disposal Articles
Newsletters, leaflets
Air Pollution
Manne waste Disposal, ocean dumping etc
Oil spills
Nuclear issues
Photograph " The Lagoon, Invercargill"
" Final report on the Interdepartmental Working Party on the management of Hazardous Wastes" revised.
" Summary of the submissions on the Report of the Interdeoartmental Working Party on the management of hazardous wastes"
" Safe management of PCBs Code of practice."
"The hazardous waste inspectorate first report: hazardous waste management, an overview"
" Hazardous waste disposal in Northland: Working Report from the Hazardous Waste Technical Adisory group to the Northland United Council"

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Circa 1985 - Circa 1997



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