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The Community Archive vs NZMuseums for small museum?

Anne Elliot | Middlemarch Museum | Sun, 15/05/2016 - 7:47pm

I am finding it difficult to figure out the difference between using The Community Archive and NZMuseums' Archives option.

I think it has implications for your museum's policy and at least for any procedural manual. I know this is not a competition, but does anyone have views as to what might serve a small museum best - from our own access (no Internet at the museum!) to use by the public?

What is the situation with a photographic collection? There eHive is brilliant - how does The Community Archive lend itself to such collections?

It may be answers are found elsewhere in which case I am happy to be directed there!


Middlemarch Museum

Comm Arc vs NZMuseums/Ehive

Hi Anne,

I use both the Community Archive and NZMuseums/Ehive.

I put unpublished manuscript collections on the Community Archive (usually largely paper-based but some also have a few objects with them). There is an option to add images under the 'item' link and then connect this to the 'collection' that you have created.

If it is an individual object, or group of objects I would put them on NZMuseums and Ehive.

If there is a photograph collection I like to make an entry on Comm Arch, however it may be better to have a selection of images on NZMuseums, perhaps one or the other. What does everyone else think?


South Auckland Research Centre

Sharon Smith, South Auckland Research Centre · Posted 08 June 2016
Hello Anne, Thank you for

Hello Anne,

Thank you for your comments and questions. It seems like the forum is a little too hidden away! It would be great to have a discussion about this, but for now I'll respond from an administrator's point of view. Having not been a user of NZ Museums I can't really make a comparison, but as NZ Museums is designed for museums, you might find that it is more suited to your organisation's needs if you are intending to list museum collections. Why not list your organisation on both sites? You might like to use NZ Museums as the main site with photos etc, and just have a profile with a list of holdings on the Community Archive.

Suzanne Goss, Community Archive Administrator

Community Archive Manager, Featherston Heritage Museum · Posted 29 May 2016