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a RIV - 1970/80s, G1, G2 (3 file boxes)


Box 1970-80s:
NZ Canoeing
-Water Quality Research in New Zealand 1976, The Water and Soil Division, MWD for the National Water and Soil Conservation Organisation, Water and Soil Technical Publication No 3
-Outdoors Reports by Outdoor recreation council of British Columbia
Vol 5 Spring 1982 No 1
Vol 6 Fall 1983 No 3
Vol 3 Winter 1984 No 4
Vol 7 Spring 1984 No 1
Vol 7 Fall 1984 No 3
Vol 7 Winter 1985 No 4
-An introduction to the Waitaki, New Zealand Man & the Biosphere report No.1, 1976
-New Zealand Canoeing & Rafting
34 Spring 1984
29 Winter 1983
-New Zealand Canoeing
1981 July No. 22
1981 July No. 21

Box G1:
-The relative value of Tauranga River to the New Zealand angles (report) by by J. Ri chardson, L.D. Tei rney, M.J. Unwin (Fisheries Environmental Report No. 70) Wellington MAF, 1986
-Draft Water and Soil bill (paper), Wellington, Ministry of works and development, 1985
-Irrigation in New Zealand (paper), Wellington, National water and soil conservation organisation, 1984
-River Low Flows: Conflicts of Water Use : Proceedings of a Seminar Held by the New Zealand Limnological Society for the New Zealand Committee for Water Pollution Research at Lincoln College, Canterbury in May 1982 (paper), Water and Soil Miscellaneous Publication; No. 47; Wellington: National water and soil conservation organisation, 1982
-Water and Soil Conservation Amendment bill, 1982
-General Correspondence on rivers, including Hutt river speed boat restrictions, Minimum acceptable focus for the Manganui Te Ao river, 1981
-Save the rivers campaign to protect wild and scenic rivers (correspondence, leaflets, press releases, newsletters) 1981-1982
-Water rights for the Clyde Dam: Clutha hydro power development, Wellington: National water and Soil Sonservation Organisation, 1979
Nature Conservation Council Information Leaflet No. 8, Clutha development proposal, Wellington: Nature Conservation Council, 1972

Box G2:

-Estuarine Response to Dredging in the Tweed River, Australia by Druery, B. (1980)
-Correspondence and News clippings
-Mangamako hydroelectric scheme : feasibility study extension report by Bay of Plenty Electric Power Board, 1986
New Zealand river temperature regimes by NWASCO, M P Mosley, 1982 (Water & Soil Miscellaneous Publication)
-Regional flood estimation in New Zealand. by NWASCO, 1982, M. E. Beable and A. l. McKercha (Water & Soil Miscellaneous Publication No 2)
-Water and Soil Conservation Act 1967: Application by Queen Elizabeth the Second National Trust for National Water Conservation Order in respect of the Motu River, 1982
-New Zealand and International Rivers, 1993-1996

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Circa 1976 - Circa 1986



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Mangamako Hut · Manganuioteao River · Kawerau District · Waitaki District · Canterbury Region · Tweed River


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