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Last updated: 30 June 2016

Nature Conservation Council Material

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Nature Conservation Council Material



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a NCC 1


Parks: a source book for primary teachers
Conservation Week 1987: What's in a park? - Sticks and Bookmarks
Conservation Week 1984 - Water means life
Report of nature conservation council for the year ended 31 March 1985
Basic design: Trees and Plants - People need plants
Planting to attract wild life: People need plants
Growing native trees from seeds 1985
Nature conservation council 1962-1982
Report of the Nature Conservation council for the year ended 31 March 1982
Report of the Nature Conservation Council for the year ended 31 March 1984
Nature conservation Council act 1962
Nature Conservation Campaign activity leaflets 1-20
Conservation activity sheets 1985
People need plants leaflets: Genetic conservation, composition and Na-Dig gardening, Teacher's notes
The Tidal Zones: Note for Teachers
Nature Conservation on council leaflets:
-Biological aspects of water pollution
-Mink farming
-The international significance of New Zealand's Indigenous forests
-Protect your environment and it will protect you: conservation-facing the facts
Land/water pollution, Conservation week 1981
Forgotten habitats Matter, Nature conservation council 1984
A proposed New Zealand conservation strategy, Nature conservation council 1981
Conservation works: Wellington-a place to live
Conservation week - Wellington district 1980 report
Nature conservation council cards 1981- adapted from "Integrating conservation and development - a proposal for a New Zealand conservation strategy"
Nature plants in NZ: Exotic forests 1985
Bookmarks and sticks

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Circa 1962 - Circa 1988



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