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Introduction to Archives

The Community Archive Group, Wellington · 30 March 2011

Date: 16 & 17 April 2011

Cost: $75.00
This two-day “Introduction to Archives” training course is being hosted by The Community Archives Team of Archives New Zealand. This course introduces you to the key requirements of preserving your collection of records that are of high importance to you and your community.

It is intended for people who work in Archives, museums, libraries, businesses, community, Maori and iwi groups who want to learn more about the care and management of archives.

The topic presenters are highly qualified, very experienced and experts within the archival environment.

The training programme has the following principal aims:

• Ensure that participants have an excellent understanding of the requirements for preserving their collection and records of high value.
• Participants to become part of a larger network of the archival community where they can get assistance and support with their collections.
• Encourage participants to share their experiences and information for the benefit of other participants within the archival community.
• To promote the concept of archives as a tool for preserving history for the benefit of future generations.
• To facilitate dialogue amongst the participants on the key issues facing community organisations in relation to the preservation of collections and records of high value.
The course will cover things like:
• The Ten most useful tips for looking after Community Archives
• Where Do I Begin? Finding a suitable space, Environment, Storage
• Getting an understanding about Policies, Acquisition, Appraisal
• Learn about Accessioning / Arrangement / Description
• The Researchers in the Archives
• Issues for Iwi in Archives Keeping
• Conservation / Disaster preparedness
• Learn about how to preserve Oral History
• Caring for Photographs and Care of Maps, Plans and Objects /Taonga
• Computers in Archives
• Things you need to know about digitisation
• Sources of Funding for your Archives and Professional help
To register for this training course see The Community Archives Website at:

A formal programme schedule including speakers and other relevant information will be available by 1 April 2011.

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