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February update for users and contributors »

At the beginning of February, the site was upgraded from http to the secure https protocol.

There is ongoing discussion on how best to support users and Community Archive Contributors into the future.

You can search and find archives of interest.

Archives New Zealand, Wellington

Update for users and contributors of the Community Archive »

Archives New Zealand has been working on preserving the integrity of this website. The Community Archive remains available to everyone to search and find archives of interest.

Archives New Zealand , Wellington, New Zealand

Editing - attention Contributing Archives »

We are continuing to work on resolving the database coding matters causing editing issues. No data has been lost. We strongly recommend you do not attempt to edit during this period.

Archives New Zealand, Wellington

Editing Issues Update »

A developer is currently working on the Contributor linkage issue causing editors to be locked out of editing.

We're hoping to have a resolution timeline in the next week or so. We'll post a update when the issue is resolved, or we receive a timeline (whichever comes first).

Archives New Zealand, Wellington

We are currenlty experiencing editing issues »

Contributing Archives editors have been experiencing a number of issues. While we are working to resolve these issues, please do not edit, add or amend records.

We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing.

Archives New Zealand, Wellington

Fabulous Managing Archives course »

The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand provides a fabulous course in managing archives titled (not surprisingly) Archives management. The course is written in a way that meets the needs of those new to archives and those with extensive experience.

Sarah Welland, Open Polytechic of New Zealand, Wellington

Santa didn't deliver your archival packaging? »

In a pre-Christmas blog I shared some surprising preservation advice. In that blog, the Conservator suggested storing the documents in acid-free, buffered envelopes and acid-free, archival boxes. I suggested adding these items to your list to Santa.

Archives New Zealand, Wellington

Surprising preservation advice »

We recently came across some surprising advice from a Conservator in response to a request for storage advice - and thought you’d be interested.
Archives New Zealand, Wellington

Short Outage between 7-8pm NZDST Thurs 14th Dec »

There will be a short ~10 min outage between 7-8pm NZDST
on Thursday 14th December 2017 to perform system maintenance.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Archives New Zealand, Wellington

Introduction to Records and Archives - eLearning ASA Course »

This inexpensive introductory online course covers
- the concepts of archives, records and recordkeeping
- common elements of recordkeeping and archives programs
- the role of records and archives in society
- and recordkeeping professionals today.
Archives New Zealand, Wellington