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Using the System (for Contributors)

Getting started

If you are already a contributor on The Community Archive (previously know as NRAM) all you will need to do is contact us to request access to the system. We will set you up with a login and password, after which you can log in to edit your existing collections, add more collections, add items to collections, and edit your contributor profile. Please provide us with your organisation name, and a contact person and contact details.

If you are a new contributor, please complete the Register as a Contributor form. We will then set you up as a contributor and send you an email to confirm login details.

Logging in

Once you have received the email with login details, you can log in using the login field in the left panel of the home page. This will give you access to your own personalised administration panel, which only you can see. Here you can:

  • Create new collections and items
  • Edit existing collections and items
  • Edit your contributor profile
  • Post notices about archives found or wanted or any other general notices
  • View statistics about who has visited your pages
  • Perform bulk uploads

Uploading your data

You can upload your data in two ways; you can use the easy-to-use data entry form accessible from your administration area (for which you will need a login), or you can use the bulk upload feature to upload multiple collections and items using an Excel spreadsheet that we have developed especially for this purpose. Contact us if you wish to start preparing your data in this spreadsheet.

For detailed guidelines on how to prepare your data, including field descriptions, see:

Contributor guidelines

Using the Administration Area

 The administration panel will give you access to the following functions:

  • Add a new collection / series / item
  • View and edit your collections / series / items
  • Import data (bulk upload)
  • Add a notice
  • View and edit your notices
  • Edit your contributor profile
  • Edit your personal details